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We've all watched videos of the ultra rich partying it up on road rallies -  ripping their millionaire dollar cars through the best roads having the time of their lives. 

To us lowly regular (not rich) car enthusiasts, rallies like these are extremely unobtainable and have remained a pipe dream. And when I say "unobtainable" I'm not just talking about the extremely opulent cars or pricey entry fees; although entry fees for some of these rallies START at $100K+...

But no, take money completely out of the equation and it is STILL unobtainable for a normal car enthusiast to join because of the ridiculous amount of free time required for one of these rallies. Planning and booking for some can start years in advance, and when it actually  comes time for the rally you could be on the road for weeks. 

So I made the Scumball 1000: The first completely FREE Rally where anyone can drop in and out whenever they want. That means you can join at ANY point along the rout. 

This is a diverse multi-state sprint starting in sunny Sarasota Florida and ending in the world famous Dallas Texas! Replace the fancy food and expensive hotels with the Top Gear style fun of ruff'n it out on the road. Car camping at night and surviving off gas station grub and fast food - the true road rally food of champions. 

We'll be using the same Hi-tech software as those very very expensive rallies with GPS tracking and real-time drive notifications. We're driving Tuner giveaway #3 (a rally Volvo 😎) across America to it's winner, and we're announcing the next giveaway car at the last meeting point. The route is driving all the way from Sarasota Florida to Dallas Texas 🤠

Not only is this rally COMPLETELY free, all attendees also get free entries towards our next giveaway car we are unveiling at the end of the drive!  

And if anyone shows up with our limited "I ❤️ shitboxes" hat or Tuner Season Pass, they win the GOLDEN TICKET - Free Tunerclub FOR LIFE! 

Thats 400 free entries every month towards our sick car giveaways forever! 


How to enter the Scumball 1000?!  

We made it very simple, you can RSVP by first downloading the CRU Rally app, then click here to stay up to date on everything related to this rally! 


Stay tuned and make sure to join us on the road!