• March 12, 2020 5:11 pm
  • Florida, Central Florida








This thing is a go kart!
So much fun. Super lightweight and plenty of torque (Plus some great supercharger whine)
Extremely well maintained and babied. 160xxx Miles all basically on the highway driving from Orlando to Tampa.
Interior is in near perfect condition.
Ice cold AC.

Did a rear seat delete. Difficult to fit anyone back there anyway and removed about 70lbs!

Has the popular “one ball mod” and sounds GREAT!

Hard to let this thing go, but want to move onto a drift project.

  • Category : EURO
  • 2006 Supercharged Mini Cooper.
  • 160xxx Miles
  • 1.6L Supercharged
  • 2400Lbs
  • Rear Seat Delete
  • One Ball Mod


Florida,Central Florida